Monday, October 3, 2011

'Stella's Destiny' By Lauren

It was an ordinary summer’s evening for Stella Cole. Her older sister Louise was sitting on her piano stool and exercising her fingers on the beautiful ivory keys on Aunt Rosa’s grand piano. The familiar sound of music was some sort of comfort to her. It was one of the few things that didn’t change when they moved.  Louise played the pianoforte just as often living with Aunt Rosa, as she did when she lived at home.

Stella and her two older siblings Louise and Walter had moved from their country home in England to live with their Mother’s sister on a horse ranch in Tennessee. Aunt Rosa was kind and generous, but she didn’t replace Stella’s deceased Mother. Aunt Rosa was a widow who had married a pioneer of the States ten years ago. She had no children of her own, and had little patience for ‘impetuous young people’.

Stella didn’t mind the move so much; for one thing, she enjoyed the freedom she had in Tennessee that she could not obtain in England, and riding and mustering horses was better then riding like a prim and proper lady.

Stella was different from her two older siblings. At fifteen, she was a bold horse rider. She preferred riding difficult horses that no other lady would ever dare sit on, and loved nothing better than a good gallop. Aunt Rosa gave her a horse of her own named Blanche, who was a grey 15-hand Quarter Horse.

Stella’s mind was brought back to the present when Aunt Rosa announced that she was going to town. Since she didn’t give a reason for going to town, Stella assumed that she just wanted solitude for a few hours.

“Excuse me ma’am, may I...,” said Stella.
“Yes Stella, you may ride Blanche” finished Aunt Rosa.
She wasted no time in saddling up her mare. Blanche started to fidget like she always did when Stella was about to ride her because Blanche knew that they were going to gallop. Stella swiftly mounted and clicked her tongue and taped Blanche with her heels.

Stella and Blanche galloped through the plains and through the surprised horses on the ranch. With her curly black hair streaming out behind her, Stella felt as she did every time she rode, free…

They galloped until Blanche could only canter. For the first time on that ride, she noticed the weather. There were huge black clouds in the sky that covered the sun and thunder that warned her of a storm.

Stella headed for the homestead at a brisk trot. To her surprise Walter was waiting for her. She quickly dismounted and walked up to her 19-year-old brother.

“Stella,” cried Walter.
“What do you want?”
“You'd better come inside.”

Stella tied Blanche’s reigns and walked inside. She knew that Walter didn’t have good news. The sound of his voice made it clear that he had bad news, very bad news.

“Sit down here” Said Walter motioning to a nearby chair.

Stella noticed that Louise had a handkerchief over her face and was sobbing quietly, as if she was trying to hide her anguish, but couldn’t.

“There’s been an accident.” Walter started, "it seems as if Father was going to visit us this fall, but..."
"The ship he was traveling on sunk. I have received a telegraph this afternoon. I wanted to tell you without Aunt Rosa around."
"I don't believe it! There's been a mistake" cried Stella.
"Stella, don't make it harder on Walter then it already is" whispered Louise. 

Stella stormed outside, Walter started to go after her, but Louise stopped him. 
"She needs time to think and grieve, let's leave her alone for a while." 

Stella untied Blanche's reins and mounted. This time she didn't lightly tap her heels, but violently kicked Blanche's side. The quarter horse obeyed and broke into a fast gallop. 

The wild wind blew in her face and the pelting rain mingled with her tears. On and on Blanche ran. Stella kept riding until they were beyond Aunt Rosa's boundaries. She didn't care. All she wanted to do was ride forever, and away from the grief that hung around her Aunt's house.

Suddenly Blanche's neck arched and her back legs slid underneath her body. She skidded to a stop. Stella, who wasn't watching or carefully riding fell off and hit her head on the ground, everything went black and the last thing she could remember was strong arms lifting her up. 

Part Two Coming Soon!


Lauren said...

I hope this isn't too long! I tried (unsuccessfully) to shorten it. Please comment to tell me what you think!

Lauren said...

I'm REALLY SORRY! I just read that I was supposed to publish it on the 29th or the 30th.


Holly said...

wow, lauren! that part one story is amazing! i loved it : )
looking forward to party 2!!!!!!!

Alice said...

Lauren, that story is AMAZING!!!!!!! You're such a talented writer, I can't wait to read part 2! Well done! That's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Alice said...

P.S. I wouldn't worry about it being posted earlier on in the month, it doesn't really matter. :P

Big Sister said...

That is a VERY well written, interesting, amazing story Lauren! I can't wait for part two! :)

Izi said...

Hey Lauren,

OK, so we're supposed to be friends and I thought I knew just about everything about you and then I am surfing the web and find this blog and then suddenly you're the author. OK ... interesting. ha ha. NO, good just. Love ya!

Izi :)

Lauren said...

Hi Izi

That's so funny that you found it anyway. I sent you an email a while ago, saying that I was posting on this blog (by the way I'm only one of four authors, in fact Alice set it up, so I only post occasionally) and I have the button on my blog, so I thought you knew!

Anyway, I'm glad you finally found it (:

From Lauren

Jemimah said...

Great story! Can't wait for part 2!

Anonymous said...

Wow Lauren! that was fantastic... can't wait for part 2!
Such well written story!
Love Emily Grace

Lauren said...

Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments! I really appreciate it (: