Saturday, June 30, 2012


Dear friends, followers, and others...

I am going to leave Just So Stories, because Lauren and Alice are simply much better writers then I am...(Lauren is especialy amazing, oh yes, I'm quite ashamed of myself yes I am, I am not NEARLY as good as HER!! She is amazing, oho yes!)
I will try to use this post to express my sadness of leaving, and my gratitude of dear Lauren and Alice keeping me on this blog so long. They are sooo patient, and have put up with a lot.

But it would take too long to go into all the details, so now I will close off-

So long, farewell, adveisaint goodbye...

Love Makenzie


Holly said...

oh are you leaving? that's a shame...but i guess it's your choice. and yes, yes, yes, lauren is DEFINITELY the best writer on this blog. ever :)
i'll miss your stories though.

Big Sister said...

It will be a pity to lose you, Lauren! Oh well, it was fun for a while! (cackles evilly).

P.S I win! HAR HAR HAR!! >:-D

Lauren said...

Lady Kenzinton

You CAN'T win!

Sorry :P

That is, if I was sorry, but i'm not.


Lauren said...

hehehe : -D

Alice said...

Righteo dears, we've had our joke. Tis nice to have you back Lauren! I know you would never dream of leaving us.

Heh heh.... this IS a joke, is it not?!? *ahem*