Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rose Buds in the Bush - Coolanna's Grave, by Lauren: Part 1

On a hot summer's afternoon, a stranger stepped out of the Cob & Co stagecoach and into the tiny town of Coolanna in the Australian outback. After circling the area he was dropped off at, just to check his Grandmother was not there, he took a walk around the town.

For some strange reason or another, Craig felt an urge to walk through the church's cemetery. Out of the many memorial places, one stood out from the rest, and written on the stone were the words...

'Rose Buds in the Bush'
Darcie and Charlotte Rose
1804-1895   1805-1895
Died during service

"I thought you wouldn't have wanted to wait for me, and go wandering" Said the gruff voice of Mrs A. Jonson, Craig's grandmother.  "Though I never would have guessed you'd wander here."

"Sorry Grandmother,' Craig replied, "but who were they?" Guestering towards the gravestone. 

"The Rose sisters?" The old lady said with a hint of emotion in her voice.

Craig nodded. 

"Well then, it's a long drive to my place, so I'll tell you on the way. 

'It was a summer much like this one in 1820. Two English Sisters and their father arrived in Coolanner.

Darcie was a handsome, tall young lady of sixteen with a slim figure, dark eyes and long, brown hair. Her younger sister Charlotte, was shorter and rounder, but had pretty blue eyes, blond curly hair and fair skin. Personality wise they were also different. Charlotte loved laughing heartily, while Darcie was very ladylike and graceful. However no one denied their special sisterly bond. They loved each other and their father very much...'  

This story was co-authored by my friend Ebony, please visit her blog, she is a creative genius with many talents, one of which is photography. 

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