Saturday, September 29, 2012

"A Tale Short, Yet Clever," by Lauren

Once there was a mouse
and he lived 

Got chased by a cat
hid under
the mat
and was trodden on, 
by a large and hairy man. 

The man said
"By george! There's something
the mat!"

And he looked--
and there was the mouse
squished flat.

Said his wife:
"Disgusting! I won't allow it!"
and she threw
them both
out of the house.

--The End--


Big Sister said...

By Jove, Lauren! What a strange child you are indeed! It is rather clever though, m'dear. :) And extremely funny-- I laughed my head off! :D

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness Kenzie!!! You will pay for that!
You naughty girl!

Believe me...



Big Sister said...

Excuuusse moi, wot ARE you talking about? Didn't write it? Then, my girl, who did?

Insanity, it seems, has caught up with you at last! :O

Holly said...

haha lauren, you have quite the talent there for that sort of story writing!!!
i know, kenzie and alice told me about it on's ok. i feel for you, darling! :) allow me the permission to do the same to them on this blog...!

Alice said...

I say, Lauren! I never knew you had such talent! Remarkable, remarkable. Indeed! Perhaps you have already begun part 2? It left me on edge wondering what will happen to the poor man and the mouse!

Just kidding, just kidding... she IS rather norty, isn't she?? I think she deserves a nice good spankin', eh wot? Feel free to delete this story, dear. Or even change it to Her name. Heh heh heh. xoxo

Big Sister said...

*Rachel Lynd expresion* OH! I BEG your pardon? Spankings? WHO was sittin' right next to me, 'elpin to write this, eh?!?! }:O Tut tut tut. I shall not allow this injustice to occur.

Manny said...

Why what a talented story Lauren, you should have it published! I suppose when the large hairy man was kicked out of the house with the squashed flat mouse he had nothing to eat! Except of course, his squashed flat mouse pancake :)

Alice said...

(That would be a Rachel *Lynde expression, I believe)

Eh, wots this?? Who WAS sittin right next to you, 'elping you write this, eh?? Do tell! SURELY it wasn't I! After all, I owe *you* revenge, not 'er! Tut tut tut.

Lauren said...

I have nothing further to say!!! ) :

*grr* (angry face)

Alice, how do i change it to her name???

And, I have been thinking, maybe we should let Holly do a guest post sometime...

You know what, why is my profile picture smiling??? I am in the depths of despair, and so
de-grad-e-tat-ed (from Little women)

Lauren said...

and the worst of it is...


That in it's self, is a tragedy among tragedies, anyone have any ideas???


Tintin said...

Hi there Lauren!

I'm a great friend of "Big Sister" (why she calls herself that, I don't know). Anyway, for revenge I recommend dumping some lollies and chocolate in her room. She doesn't like lollies and chocolate.

O no.

From Tintin

Lauren said...



Kenzie :P