Saturday, May 10, 2014

Look into the eyes.

 from Google images

Oi guys,
Hey.  I notice you haven't been reading any posts lately.  Or at least, not leaving any comments.  Not even a reaction*, which only takes one click of that mouse you've got your right hand on at this moment.

Now, those things we've posted-- they're actually pretty splendid.  From interesting and informative to hilarious to whats-gonna-happen-next etc. etc...  

Y u no read?

Just look into Puss in Boots' eyes.  Imagine that they are our eyes.  Imagine us saying "don't... don't you like our stories anymore?  What did we do?"

The only way to appease those eyes is to scroll down, read, then leave a comment.  Even just a reaction.

If you don't, those eyes will haunt you in your sleep.

Have a nice day! (hopefully).
From, Big Sister

* see bottom of posts

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